Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sa[VI]ours remembered

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It's not yet ages. To be quite exact, it's only been roughly a year and four months since we bid farewell to ASiS. But that's not nearly correct also, as we keep going back to the school for a myriad of reasons. SPM results, SPM certs, Hari Karnival, I just wonder when will we finally have the chance to actually miss ASiS.

Not our fault too, as our school humbly sits nearby to most of us studying, or dwelling here in KL. Exception to those who got shipped away to America, Middle East and any other parts of the globe, though.

So guys, I believe all of us are now drifted away in our own courses of life, trying to realise what we aspire to be. Doctors, lawyers, engineers or even politicians.

Scattered around all the education institutions, Sa[VI]ours attempt no little to live up to their loved ones' expectations; parents, teachers, and then our dear friends, and perhaps our future better halves too. ;)

Nevertheless, to justify this post, let us not forgetting the fellas we once shared our tears and laughters. The fellas we exchanged stories of our various walks of life. The fellas we traded support and successes.
The fellas to whom we once told our dreams (only to be laughed at, sometimes). The fellow Sa[VI]ours.

Therefore dear fellow Sa[VI]ours, never think that there's no point in bearing love to our batch and of course, our school. Why? In it is our collected strength and passion of us who hail esprit de corps, something our Tn Haji Idrus always reiterated in his weekly address.

And as we are hoped to become world class leaders, uniting among ourselves is indeed benefitting. To think and act wisely in common, are the lost traits of human being peacelovers crave hardly nowadays.

So guys, before this post gets carried away, take any possible morale from it.
Yeah, it might just be one; to keep on feeling proud being Sa[VI]ours.