Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey Sa[VI]Our!

Hi all!!

It's been 2 years since we left our school. Guess what, I miss my school like hell crazy!

I wonder what we are suppose to do at this moment, if we are still in the school... It is a 2-week school holiday.. For a boarding school student, it is a really precious moment, as we are being 'locked' in the school for around 10 weeks in a certain circumstance, if there is no holiday in a half-semester..

I, myself, never go home during the weekends of overnight in home, as my home is far, far away from KL.. I also don't have really close family in KL.. So, I have to stay in the school although you guys were happily went back home.. But that is the price for the person like me to study in the place which is far from my home. I took that challenge with my full inner strength, and I managed to hold on for the whole 2 years.

Okay, back to normal. Holiday, is the moment that we are free from wardens. I am sure that all of you possess the feeling of that sometimes the wardens can be very nice to us, and some other time, they can be 'cruel' to us.. But, if you understand their jobs, you might not feel like that. They just doing the jobs for the sake of their young generations. They are like our parents in the school. Now, when we further our study, there are no more wardens in our life. No people is guarding us in the institution. When there is no more people watching us, we feel free, and tend to go against the rules. This is why some of us changed a lot, and became from hero to zero. You know what I try to say right? Some of us are becoming a slacker, and that's why, the exam result. Pity for those people including me.

What can we do is, improve ourselves, and try to be right back on the track! We are Sa[VI]Our.. and we are superb, we are brilliant. Let's prove it to he world!

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